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Coronavirus update:

information is available for off-campus elementary band classes HERE

Higher-level classes are set by class period schedule and project schedules in the Student Portal.

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Theater events are on hold pending the coronavirus condition as we move forward. Stay safe and join us ONLINE for some of the exciting things we're doing

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Official statement from Mr. Martin 

Given the approaching end of the school year and the exciting future ahead, I thought I'd reaffirm my commitment to VCS, God's blessing to our community. 

I'm fully committed to the success of this institution.  I believe in all of the benefits that the arts have on all of our students. The VCS Radio Conservatory's Christian world view statement is as strong as it always has been. I read it every day: 

"The VCS Radio Conservatory recognizes the unique relationship artists have with the Creator of all things. Being an exceptional artist is honoring to God as His gift of talent is not given frivolously, but in earnest to bring Glory to Him. It is with this understanding that students are instructed and encouraged to pursue their skills to the highest degree possible. 

Secular viewpoint: 
Art exists to celebrate Man's achievement in honor of Man. 

Christian viewpoint: 
Art exists to celebrate God's achievement in honor of God." 


Our mission statement: 

"The VCS Radio Conservatory dedicates its mission to honor God by using contemporary and historical creative connections to awaken the aspiring artist in students through a wide range of live and multi-media projects." 

These are ideals I hold as strongly today as I did on the day I penned the words decades ago. I'm fully committed to these goals as we move to the 2020-21 school year and beyond. Changes are inevitable. But, God's plan is as steadfast today as it's always been. 

It is my earnest goal to foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork and trust with the teachers, fellow administrators, and my boss, Ben for a successful new school year. 

Here's to a strong finish and an even stronger start in 2020-21! 

God bless, 



VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz -
Sound Art Central Radio Show

from our Studios at the VCS Radio Conservatory

Join us as our student creative artists share their incredible talents on FM 100.9 HD2. 

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