6/13/13 - New Saturday Work-Ahead sessions added

So many parents have requested weekend Work-Ahead sessions.

Okay, let’s do it… :-)

Announcing additional summer Work-Ahead sessions on Saturdays from 10:00am to 10:30am.

This is a great option for parents who can’t provide transportation during the…

6/9/13 VCS Radio Symphony's historic project

 VCS Radio Symphony goes into their summer sessions June 17th.

We are excited to begin work on an historic film project

Douglas Fairbank’s The Thief of Bagdad

Created in 1924, this cinematic masterpiece has been given a full digital restoration…

6/7/13 - Radio Jazz fills the place

 RC thanks Mary’s pizza Shack for giving us a great venue to share our music. Thanks to all of the music fans for coming out to listen eat and support the musicians! picture available here  


4/27/13 Saturday Reno Update

 Here we are.. its about 11:30am and were here after a day and a half of clinics and concerts. There are professional musicians here that played with Radio Jazz like Trumpeter,  Ron Miles and pianist George Colligan. 

There are…

4/27/13 - Radio Jazz wins!!!

RadioJazz is coming home from the Reno Jazz Festival with a 1st place trophy!!!  The smallest school in the largest jazz festival of its kind --- That's quite a feat!!! 
Plus.. Evan Losoya gets an  "Outstanding Musicianship Award" ---…

4/13/13 Radio jazz takes tough set

 With the Reno Jazz Festival performance in just a couple of weeks, Radio Jazz is hard at work preparing great music. One of the toughest to prepare is the amazing, RIFFS FOR EVERYONE by Leonard Bernstein. This requires amazing agility…

4/10/13 Elementary bands getting ready for Concert

The May 7th concert is just around the corner... 

The 3rd grade band is working on their first band songs. what a spirited bunch!!! 

The 4th grade band gets their first crack at fully orchestrated work. Not Bad!!!…

4/9/13 - Largest Orchestra

 With the addition in the clarinet section of Joy Merdia and Alana Benson The VCS Radio Symphony is now the largest orchestra in the history of VCS!!

Students may become a member of VCS Radio Symphony by achieving level…

4/8/13 - The 7-day poll results are in!

 The tallies are finished and the results are that you love the new website:

79  - I love it -   99%
 1   - I hate it -     1%
 0   - Not sure -   0%

Thanks for…

4/3/13 - Did you know we're on Gumby World?

 That's pretty famous :-)

There's a very nice article on VCS Radio Jazz on their studio's official GUMBY website.

We would sure like to thank Art Clokey's (Gumby creator) family for giving us such an oppertunity!!